Small Auth
Simplified for Teams.
Centralize your team’s authentication and verifications by forwarding all verification codes to one place. We’ll do the heavy lifting.
Prefer to get notifications in Slack? We got you too.
Device Previews
Features. Full.
Team Security
Industry standard 256-bit AES encryption protecting the platform and your data.
One Click Copy
One click copy allows your team to login securely, any platform, any service.
Phone Number
Forward all verification codes to a designated number. No hassle. Secure.
Browser Extension
A browser extension to let your team use it where they work, in the browser.
Slack Integration
Prefer to integrate us inside your slack channels? Yes, your team can.
Mobile App
(Coming soon) A mobile app to support your team, wherever they work.
Mobile Devices
Always Ready
Making verification codes easier.
Don't use your personal phone number to log in to work accounts. Try one of SmallAuth's numbers to see how much better it is.
Safe, easy, integratable, helpful...what's not to love? Try it, you won't want to go back to the old way.
SmallAuth gives us the precise controls we need to easily manage our team’s 2-factor verification codes. No more sending codes for business logins to personal numbers - we’re loving this app!
Joe Yoder
IT at Capitol Sheds
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Smart and scrapy teams use Smallauth.
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